GaitScan Technology

What is GaitScan?

GaitScan is a state of the art computer hardware and software system that helps Dr. Davey asses and analyze your feet. This analysis combined with his experience and knowledge detects abnormal foot function which may be affecting your feet and other areas of your body.

Why is GaitScan so important?

Your foot is in contact with the ground for about 0.8 of a second when walking and about 0.25 of a second when running. Imagine trying to determine normal or abnormal foot function with the naked eye in a quarter of a second. This is too difficult for even the most experienced chiropractor.

The GaitScan system records your timing sequences during gait as you walk or run across the pressure plate. This enables Dr. Davey to have a clear picture of your foot mechanics and determine if you would benefit from wearing custom made foot orthotics.

How does GaitScan work?

  1. Scans the foot – As you walk across the pressure plate, thousands of tiny sensors capture the distribution of pressure of your foot.
  2. Maps foot pressure – From your step the computer displays 2D and 3D visual representations of the pressure under your foot. You can see where you have too much or too little pressure.
  3. Prints a report – The information is then summarized in a report that is printed out for you to see. The report of findings will help Dr. Davey evaluate your foot function and determine if your problem is related to foot function.
  4. Determines the need for orthotic therapy - The information in this report will assist Dr. Davey in determining your need for orthotic therapy.
  5. Data is sent to the lab – if it is determined that you would benefit from orthotic therapy your information is sent securely to our laboratory. From there, your custom made orthotics are manufactured specifically for your feet.